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To: [Mar. 4th, 2012|10:43 pm]
Yeah yeah, I really fucked up huh?
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(no subject) [Jan. 7th, 2011|07:46 pm]
Hi amanda!
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Christmas, 4am [Dec. 25th, 2010|11:14 am]
What a week.

Gifts: For Christmas this year I decided to make my parents a DVD of our trip to South Padre Island in 1991. That means transferring the Hi-8 tapes to AVI, converting the AVI to DVD, designing menus and marking the chapters, and finally designing and printing DVD cover art. It's been hell, but I finally finished it this afternoon.

As for my siblings, I got my brother the rare "Reflections" by Iceberg Slim. It's a CD of spoken poems of 40s-pimp-turned-author Iceberg Slim, set to 70's quiet storm backing tracks. Right up Andrews alley. I didn't know what to get my sister, so I just got her a Tim and Eric DVD. My brother and I also went in together to buy a pair of cute Super Mario slippers for her girlfriend Jill, who has no family and has been annexed by ours.

Girls: I am seeing someone new and I'm very excited. She's so smart and pretty! I've been kind of slumming the past year (LOL) and was thinking "Is she out of my league?" She's really shy and hasn't ever had sex. It's been one of the weirdest courtships ever; I met her because she was semi-dating one of my friends, and was a little worried about stepping on his toes. He gave me his blessing and said he was no longer interested, but you know how that is.

We've been hanging out as friends since October, so it was little awkward trying to get closer. A couple nights she stayed at my apartment, drinking and watching youtube with me... waiting for me to make a move! Eventually we talked about it and admitted to really liking each other, so I finally made a move earlier tonight. Very positive reaction!

As she was leaving, I said "You've stayed the night at my apartment a few times, and I finally managed to get most of your clothes off. Do you think we're ready for our first date yet?"


I was going to write more, but it's 4am and I haven't slept much the past few days. Stress + diet piils = boxing websites and livejournal at 6am. Everyone have a happy and safe Christmas!
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(no subject) [Dec. 24th, 2010|12:07 pm]
Girl tells me she thought I was gay when she met me, then a few minutes later tells me she has feelings for me.

I'll take what I can get!
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Almost Christmas [Dec. 18th, 2010|06:22 am]
[Current Music |Bone Thugs - Crossroads]

I fucking love Christmas. I like snow, decorating, spending time with my family, v-neck sweaters, exchanging gifts, ect. It's always been my favorite time of year. I really don't know what to buy my siblings, but I will be expecting some badass stuff from my family because no one got me anything for my birthday this year!

For my parents, I'm buying my mom a book (History of The World in 100 Objects, it's hot in Britian), but I've been taking countless hours transferring all our Hi-8 home videos recorded from 1991-1995 to DVD and making cases, menus, disc covers, ect to give to them on Christmas. It's a huge project.

I ended up with a 3.5gpa for the semester. Not bad, but it should have been a 4.0.

I'm so excited for 2011. Finishing up my time at TCC, recording a new album, moving to Minneapolis, and who knows what else! I'm kind of apprehensive about what's going to happen when I go to Mpls next month (I'm either getting my ring back or getting engaged), but more than anything I'm just excited.

Sorry I haven't been commenting on everyone's entries, but please believe me when I say I read every single one. I'll leave you guys with aan example of what I've been up to the past few months...

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(no subject) [Dec. 10th, 2010|02:16 am]

I made 101% in my economics class this semester. It was easy, but I still doubt anyone else scored that high. However, I'm beginning to wonder if Econ is the right major for me. I pretty much decided when I was 18 that I was going to be a rock star or go to school for a degree in Economics. I didn't even know much about it... I just knew:

a)it is one of the higher-paying 4-year degrees

b)it sounds interesting

c)it sounds like a challenge

My family used to ask why I just didn't go to school for music. "Name one rock star that has a bachelors degree" I would reply. When it comes to music, I know it. I have it down. If I was going to spend four years studying something, I wanted it to be something I didn't know anything about. And in the end, I would have it mastered.

But I don't know. I've been reading this CLEP guidebook so I won't have to take Principals of Management, and it's really pulled me in. Marketing is also something that's caught my attention.

I think I just want to do everything there is to do.
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Blah.... [Nov. 30th, 2010|04:35 am]
I need a haircut.

Final week of the semester (I think). Things have been hectic, but I'll pull out with a 4.0 GPA for the semester. My best ever.

The novelty of being broke for the first time in years has worn off, and I'm bored and irritated. I met a new girl however, and hope this one turns into something. I went over to her giant house last night; we drank, watched Harry Potter (never seen it), and baked cookies. She's cute and awkward, and I like that, but I'm burned out of going through this "feeling out" process again and again recently. Maybe I just want to get laid and be left alone.

I'm definitely not going to be able to move/transfer schools until Spring 2012. Ugh. I'll have the bulk of my glasses finished after the summer 2011 term, but I know I'll need to do some saving and maybe take one more class in the fall.

It seems like actually graduating is forever away. Probably because it is.

Sorry for the "Blah" entry, I'm just in a shitty mood.
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Baby, I'm a Rockstar [Nov. 18th, 2010|11:02 am]
 Tuesday night I was at Nick's place of choosing to spend his 23rd birthday, a strip club in midtown Tulsa. I'm new to strip clubs; I've always been against paying to see tits, but I went to one for the first time this year and am ashamed to report I didn't have a bad time. I know many feel it's degrading to women, I agree. However; from going there I've learned that I feel the men there are degrading themselves far worse than the dancers ever could.

 Anyway, we get a table and order some beers. Then, this girl walks by; Saskia incarnate. This girl was mixed, tall, curvy, had kinky hair, piercings, a back-shoulder tattoo, and that muscular upper back that Sas had. She walks up and sits down with us, looks at me, and says "I know you! Where do I know you from?...... Ahhh! Shutdown Sequence! I've got all your songs loaded onto the Jukebox here and dance to them all the time!" 

 It turns out we shared a few mutual friends, and she had even been to our final concert back in 2008. She had liked us so much that she seriously strips to our music on the regular. I was unaware that anyone even *listened* to our songs any more. I replied that she couldn't do that; she'd clear the place out if she played us. She sat and talked with us for about 45 minutes and then excused herself to go dance.

She gets on-stage and the first few notes of "Scarecrows," our first single, begin to blast throughout the club. I grabbed the birthday boy so we could sit at the front of the stage. What happened then can best be described as my first religious experience; A girl that looks just like my ex-girlfriend using my bands music to help her push every iota of her sexuality throughout that club was an experience I can't put to words. It just happened.

I remarked to Nick as we sat back down "I know it's your birthday, but this is the best night of my life. She just gave my soul an erection."

Sometimes I wonder if I've made the right choices in life. If I wasted too much time trying to make it in the music industry. If I should have tried at all. But experiences like last night don't happen to just anyone. 24 years so far, and i'm still amazed at my life.
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Almost Thanksgiving [Nov. 11th, 2010|10:01 pm]
[Current Music |Katy Perry - Teenage Dream]

I can't believe the semester is almost over! Looks like I'll finish out with all A's! This was the easy semester however; I've got to get ready for the six-class weekly grind in January.

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(no subject) [Nov. 2nd, 2010|06:33 pm]
Somehow, I made it through my birthday week....

.....and I'm still alive. My 24th was a week-long celebration that began Sunday, but I had to pull out early on Saturday citing exhaustion. It was a great, great week with lots of drink, friends, laughs, and love (in the order) all around. My best friend wasn't able to turn up, but it hardly mattered; I threw up from drinking for the first time in years (and that says something)!

  I was pretty apprehensive about turning 24. And leaving my early 20s. But I think this birthday tied with my 21st as best ever. At one point I ate Taco Bell three times in a 24-hour stretch, not counting the time I drove up and they were closed.

  Yesterday morning Andrew (my brother) and I signed the lease and moved into our new place; I love it. It's a nice building in a great location, and I can get up and go running through the neighborhood without worrying about getting shot! We don't have the internet on yet, and I'm thinking of arguing against having an internet connection our place. Without Facebook, Boxingscene, ect distracting me I get so much more reading, songwriting, and exercising done! If I want teh internets I'll walk over to Starbucks.

 I'm also poor as shit! This is actually a good thing; less drinking and buying Taco Bell.

 Slaying faces at school! Looking forward to January, when I'll be taking six(!) classes and trying to CLEP one more. It's an exciting time to be me.

Party + Apartment Photos...Collapse )
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